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Keys to Skilful Writing An intervention programme for parents

Parents: Learn how to develop your child’s writing skillsWriting is a challenging, complex and multi-faceted task which requiresthe development of higher order thinking skills and control over the lower order skills such as grammar and punctuation. Learn to craft specific and targeted feedback that:• Develops higher order thinking skills such as questioning and reflecting,• Teaches [...]

Perth Modern School Primary Engagement Program

Throughout 2019, we are seeking to build strong connections with our local community and would like to welcome Year 5 and 6 students to participate in our Primary Engagement Program. The program will run once a week over a four week period after school hours. Primary school age students will have the opportunity to experience [...]

April GATCA Brain Break

Get Connected with like minded peers!Friday, April 1210:00am – 12:00pm Kwinana Adventure Park The warm weather is fading fast so make the most of it before the cold sets in! Come join us for some fun in the sun! Brain Breaks provide an opportunity for school aged children to socialise and meet like-minded peers in [...]

Information Morning Feb 20th Stickybeaks Cafe Wednesday the 20th of Feb 9.15 - 11.15 am Do you: Wish to know more about GATCA Want more information about schooling or IQ tests Have an issue you would like to discuss Not sure where to start Come along on Wednesday. Three of GATCA's committee will be in [...]