Welcome to the Gifted and Talented Children’s Association’s website.

GATCA aims to afford parents and educators access to the latest research and information pertaining to gifted children’s education as well as their social and emotional well being.

Our team of dedicated volunteers organizes:

  • A chess club during term and childrens Holiday Workshops to provide children with social and learning opportunites
  • A library for parents and teachers that is state-of-the-art.
  • Free on-line access to 2 international gifted education journals.
  • A telephone help line 94870122
  • Parent courses
  • Underachievement Intervention
  • Heavily discounted on-line extension/competition preparation courses for children.
  • IQ testing with Gifted Minds
  • Free Q & A Evening with a psychologist specialising in gifted childen
  • Information meetings
  • University student tutor/mentor list
  • Reading tests
  • Singapore Math resources

GATCA Committee

President Colleen
Vice President Rosemary
Secretary/Treasurer Kriss
Publicity Officer TBA
Early Childhood Project Officer Ray
Finance Project Adviser Roger
Project Development Officer Amanda