Parent Workshops

These two parent courses provide the opportunity to prevent or reverse underachievement in gifted children.

Both courses emphasise the domain specific skills and non-cognitive factors required for high achievement so that a child can be trained to develop control over their cognitive abilities.

Additionally the resources, skills and know how gained will allow parents to prepare their children for scholarship and competition level math and writing.

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1. Gifted Kids Keys to Academic Success: A Parent Intervention Program (Math 6 – 11 year olds)

A program to reverse and prevent gifted underachievement.

In this course Singapore Math is used to build understanding of how non-cognitive factors contribute to academic success and how to develop these skills in your own child. Parents are then able to ensure that their child develops interest, motivation and strong learning behaviours.


  • Challenging work that requires effort builds learning behaviours
    Repetition is work that increases in difficulty and complexity
    Learning to tolerate confusion
    Learn to fail well and use failure as a tool
    Aim for mastery
    Emotional control over learning
    Additionally this course is ideal preparation for scholarship or select school testing and as a program to get girls interested in and achieving in math.

Next Course

Sat and Sun the 4th and 5th of August 2018  (1.30 pm – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday)

Cost $150


2. Keys to Skilful Writing: an intervention programme for parents (8yrs +)

Parents: Learn how to develop your child’s writing skills. Writing is a challenging, complex and multi-faceted task which requires the development of higher order thinking skills whilst maintaining control over the lower order skills such as grammar and punctuation.

  • Initially a teacher will evaluate your child’s writing skills
    Followed by one-to-one instruction and modelled lessons.
    Charts and written lesson instructions
    Recommended texts (optional) to update your knowledge
    Pinterest Board with readily accessible lessons.
    Email support

The course emphasises a metacognitive approach:

  • To develop strategic meta-cognitive skills that develop self-regulation.
    Self-Regulation will increase affective control so children learn how to focus, attend and apply effort to a task.
    Self-regulation skills will allow responsibility for the application of skills to be transferred to the child: the key to longer term success.
    Charts and lesson guides present skills incrementally and cumulatively: the student understands what to do and the parents knows what to mark. This control allows success and develops motivations.
    Learn to craft specific and targeted feedback that

Develops higher order thinking skills such as self- monitoring, questioning and planning
Teaches the child about how to learn effectively
Build self-confidence, perseverance, and persistence
Improves knowledge and understanding.

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Cost: $150