GATCA WA recommends the Singapore Math resources in the list below. Members are eligible for a 20% discount on the recommended books from the online store Five Senses.

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Singapore have taken an innovative approach to teaching elementary math — the curriculum focuses on problem solving particularly with diagrams which has resulted in Singapore students leading the world in math.

Non-routine (new to the student) math problem solving provides gifted students with:

  • An interesting and enjoyable way to learn mathematics that develops a child’s quantitative reasoning
  • High order thinking skills – intellectual skills that call for more than the retrieval of information
  • The need to pay attention to detail and think clearly
  • Exposure to initial confusion and failure so they learn how to persist and trust their thinking
  • Read, interpret and manipulate precise and intricate ideas
  • The need to apply themselves steadily across time

Singapore Math


The selection of math books below, from Five Senses, have been selected because they have fully worked solutions for all questions. However GATCA recommends using these books in conjunction with the online program Matholia

Matholia is an inexpensive online program that is delightfully easy to use and has significant strengths:

  • The “Learn” videos and PDF’s teach/explain every topic. This ensures that as a parent you are providing teaching expertise, update your own knowledge and ensuring a child develops the notation skills necessary to free up working memory to allow problem solving
  • The “Games” are an excellent opportunity to automate skills such as basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and mentally changing between fractions, decimals and percentages.