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April Holiday Workshops


GATCA school holiday workshops are developed and run by full time university students (usually ex GATCA members) under the supervision  of the GATCA committee and assisted by year 11 and 12 high school students. The focus is to provide GATCA members with an opportunity for their children to socialise with like-minded peers whilst engaging in an interesting [...]

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Q & A Evening with Fiona Smith


Fiona Smith  is unique in the field of Gifted as she combines Psychology and Education degrees (Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Psychology and a Masters Degree of Education, majoring in Gifted Education) Fiona has practiced in the field extensively as a: consultant with the University of New South Wales in the GERRIC Centre [...]

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A parent program to reverse and prevent gifted underachievement.


In this course Singapore Math is used to build understanding of how non-cognitive factors contribute to academic success and how to develop these skills in your own child. Parents are then able to ensure that their child develops interest, motivation and strong learning behaviours. Topics Challenging work that requires effort builds learning behaviours Repetition is [...]

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