Testing provides objective assessment of a child’s profile of cognitive strengths and weaknesses which may allow for early and individual education planning.

Fiona Smith  is unique in the field of Gifted as she combines Psychology and Education degrees (Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Psychology and a Masters Degree of Education, majoring in Gifted Education)

Fiona has practiced in the field extensively as a: consultant with the University of New South Wales in the GERRIC Centre (Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre), private practice and is frequently  invited to  assess children and adolescents around Australia, as well as internationally, having assessed over 3000 gifted individuals over the past 19 years.

Fiona looks beyond IQ  to help you determine how personal intensities and sensitivities impact in the classroom and is skilled at finding creative-divergent children whose gifts may be invisible in the classroom.

GATCA WA organises for Fiona Smith  to visit Perth 3 times a year, allowing members access to expertise in gifted assessment.

To find out more about Perth assessments contact Kriss krissmuskett@gmail.com

Question and Answer Evenings with Fiona Smith

Post testing and for parents considering testing GATCA offers the opportunity to meet with Gifted Minds for a Q & A evening. These evenings provide the opportunity to ask questions about schooling issues or behaviours to further parenting and schooling understandings and are:

  • free of charge to members
  • in a lounge setting of 8 to 10 people
  • held about 3 times a year

Contact: krissmuskett@gmail.com

Cost: Free and only available to GATCA members

This evening is limited to 10 people and will be in a private residence in a relaxed atmosphere.

Financial Assistance for IQ Testing

In recognition that an individual IQ test is a significant cost to a family Gifted Minds and GATCA are able to offer those members who would otherwise be unable to access testing some financial assistance.

Please contact: krissmuskett@gmail.com